A New World Order

Get ready for the next wave of technology. If you have not already received a call from you “providers ” offering you a new money saving plan if you drop cable service and downsize to their mobile cable APP, be prepared.
You probably already have the APP on your phone, so you can watch TV shows when you are away from home. Great! If you have a “smart” TV or Firestick or Roku, you could be using internet WIFI to stream the entire cable package from that same APP, installed on your TV or tablet. BOOM, you/us will save $75 a month and they will save millions when they no longer have to support thousands of CABLE boxes AND the employees, managers, technicians and customer service reps that keep them running.
This is why you are hearing the sad stories from Amazon and Facebook and Twitter, announcing the layoff of tens of thousands of employees. They need barristers, far more than they need employees. You (employees) however are going to need INDEED. The increased capacity and capabilities of 5g are no longer in the news, because they are quietly adding more convience to your life, and more money in their pockets.
Here is my Tech Tip: If you’re getting ready to buy Christmas gifts in 2 weeks – consider Pricing a family set of VR Headsets, because you will soon be living on the dole, or working remotely, part time from home.


As I see It, We gonna be Allright.