Newsom’s Folly

A mandate?
My grandmother was 1/2 native American. My wife’s mother is Indian. My daughters have blindly chosen black dolls, white dolls, male or female dolls, teddy bears, toy monkeys, toy helicopters and trucks.
All with no mandate. What does a gender neutral toy look like? Is there a button where the toxic male penis would be?

A toy is an impulse purchase. A kid wants what a kid wants because it’s “cute”, not because it was in a designated gender space on the rack.. This is simple pandering in the worst kind of way. Newsom thinks that he can peel off a few more votes, if the non binaries hear that he carved out a niche for them at the toy store. It makes Newsom (and the entire state) look petty and silly, and unless he’s running against Trump or Elder next time, I probably will not vote for him again.

“The soft bigotry of low expectations ”
~George W. Bush