• Stacking the court is a ridiculous idea. It says that we recognize that the court is biased, and accept it. Stacking will only add to the number of biased judges and Every time a new president shows up, he/she will stack one or two more so that his side is winning.

      If I am President, my plan is simple. I will transition all nine justices down to the appellate court where they can live out their lifetime job in peace. I will only appoint two diametrically opposed assholes to the new supreme court. They will not have any legal training. They will be two, biased, opinionated old ass farts that don’t give a damn what happens going forward, because they don’t expect to be around that much longer. Their term on the court will be two years, and then I will appoint two other old farts.

     My new supreme court will probably never agree on anything and they will likely end up kicking every case back down to the lower courts. If they do agree – that will probably be the right decision.
Don’t doubt me.