We’re All In This Together

America is a lie. We keep papering over lies with new lies. Not just Donald Trump. It may just be that he is America’s last and final lie.

   I won’t waste our time explaining that, because if you don’t already know it – that is your own personal lie

Who do we think we’re fooling. In the middle of “stay at home orders”, the government gives people a free ride to wherever they want to go.

     24 hours a day, government subsidized and supported municipal buses travel around, picking up anonymous strangers. Nobody knows where they have been or what they have been getting into. Nobody knows who they are or where they are going.

Its a rolling Petri dish. One minute a guy is sleeping on a bench, wrapped in a filthy blanket when a bus pulls up and awakens him. So he gets up and takes a seat behind a kid with a skateboard. Social distancing be damned. Some folks have on a mask, and some do not. Some folks have on gloves and some do not. They all grab on to the hold bars, while refusing to hold hands or make eye contact.

   This is why I rant against the resident, the governors, and the mayors. They are all complicit in this hoax. Each one commuting constituent homicide rather that risk political suicide. They’re blocking borders, while harvests lay dying in the fields. They’re closing car washes while dispensaries and liquor stores remain open.         Until someone steps up and enforces a stay at home order, this thing will linger until it does blow over.