Over tbe past 50 years, Biden, Bernie, and Bloomberg have accumulated a public domain, audio/video resume of dumb ass statements, positions, and actions. This puts them at a decided disadvantage when they stand next to those junior and sophomore candidates Buttigieg and

Klobuchar, simply because the little squirts haven’t had enough time to amass a large enough record of dumb ass ideas to bludgeon them with.

   Tom Steyers. Elizabeth Warren. Not a lot of dumb ass stuff for me to complain about, but I haven’t tried to vet them and that’s not my job. They’re both too old according to my personal algorithm but Steyers, I suppose is within the margin of error, at age 62. I will never forgive Warren for that dumb ass stunt that she pulled when she let trump trick her into taking and sharing her DNA results.

     Any way, y’all do what you want to do – but do vote.