The problem is

“Due to gentrification and the progressive future outlook for Inglewood, many people are complaining about $1700 rents for one bedroom apartments.”

     Back in 1997, I started working 7 days a week full and part time, for 5 years, while driving a 1987 Mazda 626. When that ordeal was over, then Mayor, Roosevelt Dorn advised me to buy property in Inglewood NOW.

     I did that in 2002 and my mortgage is not negatively affected by gentrification, the stadium or rent increases.

When gentrification makes me an offer we can’t refuse, we will take our equity and perhaps purchase a villa, on the island of Jamaica.

    They tell me that I am heartless and arrogant for that position, but I say, if THEY still feel that way after they complete their 5×7 quest, we can sit down and talk about it. (…and quit parking high end leased vehicles in front of somebody else’s apartment.)