It took us 227 years to arrive at this point in presidential history. Many political battles were fought and won. Many man hours were spent gnashing teeth and ringing hands to arrive at a social-economic balance that America could live with both at home and abroad. We took our time to research and develop tarrifs, taxes, regulations and reforms that seemed most likely to support our safety and goals. Now we are just tearing up treaties and bulldozing ideals at the whim of a single individual. He is a bull in a china store. We are like sheep going to slaughter, not knowing which service or product is likely to be recalled next. Without regulatory oversight and  defenses, business has decided to recover expenses and stop testing on lab rats, in favor of real time testing on their customers. At the same time, the bully is building an idealistic and biased court system that is bent on removing tort controls so that when a business is caught testing a dangerous product on the public, they but only apologize, without fear of pesky lawsuits that used to bring them to justice.

I went long, but the danger is real.