Meet Paul Krekorian

Today on local radio station KNX Los Angeles City council president was talking tough about “changing the rules” related to the public’s ability to use first amendment rights, to protest the very existence of their disgraced, and confirmed, racist councilman Kevin DeLeon.

Why he is not exploring a means to change the rules governing the removal of the proven rouge councilman, DeLeon is suspect. It appears that he and the rest of the council are unwilling to make a rule change that might someday be used against them, should they commit a toxic act that may offend the citizens. Even worse, the councils willingness to protect DeLeon seems to suggest that they might agree with the toxic statements heard on the secretly opened mic, or at least be willing to live with the racist nature of DeLeon’s little coven of racial conspirators, that openly attacks the sensibilities of non-hispanic citizens, and takes a little dig at LBGTQ citizens.

    He just wants to silence the protests, but not the reason for the protests. Kevin DeLeon put his hand on the Bible and swore to God that he would protect not only the citizens of his district but the needs of all citizens within the Los Angeles constitution. He lied to God. He lied to us all. How can anyone ever trust that any legislation that bares his racist, conniving input and or vote means us any good, and may in fact blow back to bring us harm. How can we trust that any back room deals that the rest of the council is willing to strike with him can be trusted.