Street vendors

Another bonehead move by Los Angeles mayor and pandering chief executive, Eric Garcetti, was to allow vendors to set up shop anywhere they find a slot on the street. I don’t want to cause them grief, but they cause me grief – and my livelyhood as a city bus operator is important too. All they need to do is advise their customers not park in the block the red zone.
The vendors and food trucks allow their customers to park in the bus stops, so we cannot safely service the stop. We can’t just let people get on and off in the street, but it’s either that or stop down the street and make them walk back or wait on them to run to us – which makes us run late and makes them miss their connections, and end up being late to their jobs.

     Bear in mind that many bus riders are on walkers, in wheelchairs, blind or just plain stupid. If anything happens to a customer entering or exiting the bus in an unauthorized location, its a lawsuit for you taxpayers to deal with and an incident on my driver’s record for me to deal with. I am personally Incentivized to pass up the stop and protect my own job.LAPD is on one and will not deal with it from a safety or parking violation perspective. 🤔