It’s simple.
DACA is a defacto TREATY. These people came out of the shadows and turned themselves in with an understanding that the U.S.A. would not break its promise.
Why should anybody trust us ever again. The world is watching and our word ain’t shit.
But this is no suprise. This is how he runs his business. He welches on deals, files bankruptcy, and filibusters court cases with delays.
The indigenous people called it “speak with forked tongue.”
I call it lying.


Understand this.

Mr. Trump views everything through his prism of negotiation. He believes that he is good at it, even though he only negotiates with others who believe that, and when they offer something that opposes his goal, he just stops negotiating and out waits them in court.

DACA is to him part of his worldwide chess game. The kids, the so called dreamers are our pawns. He is attacking them in order to force us to give him “something” that he wants in return. Because he is small minded, and single purposed, what he probably wants is for Mueller to stop leaning on his boy, and stop looking at his finances. Meanwhile the once great United States of America is becoming a banana republic.