I Call It Volatility

     I’m sure that trumplethinskin will claim that the FED’s qualitative easing was a liberal affirmative action policy designed to get the black guythrough eight years.

Now that he is in charge, and his wise regulatory easing and hands on management of U.S. domestic and global relationships has been successful but the Fed is still under the influence of Obama era far left liberals, intent on slowing his progressive agenda with out of date conservative interest rate imposition.

     He would say that but somehow that last part seems counter intuitive

Could Tesla become the 21st Century Edsel?

With their stock under increasing pressure due to unfavorable tweets and behavior by Elon Musk, the FCC has filed suit against the high tech auto company.     There are threats hanging over the popular car maker, asking for Musk to step down.

This move along with competition in the electric car market, and Tesla’s own failures to turn out new models as well as a profit may ultimately make Tesla a footnote in. The history books.

A Shooting In Dallas

Innocent until proven guilty. You take your victims as you find them. Both common cliches used to amplify or deflate legal jeaprody.

     In the state of California, I am not allowed to use deadly force against a burgler, outside of my home unless he turns violent. If I were to advance the “Oops, I thought he was in my apartment” defense around here, the DA would be within he rights to charge me with some level of murder because I have to take my victims as I find them.

     But in a less advanced society like Texas, Ms. Guyger can argue that she had a right to defend her property – even if she chose the wrong apartment and therefore the wrong victim. She can further argue that she had a right to use deadly force immediately because she was an off duty sworn officer.

     Since I have not heard that she identified herself as police when she walked into this man’s darkend door, shouting commands and simultaneously using deadly force, I am not sure that she can hide behind the cover of authority.

     Suppose Mr. Jean had decided that Ms. Guyger was threatening his life and left her laying for dead in his doorway. I find it hard to believe that his story would even be considered.

     At best I am prepared to charge the police department for poor training. If she is to be considered off duty, for her own safety, she shouldn’t be allowed to walk around in full uniform, slinging a gun. Proper training should have taught her that when approaching a potential crime scene, while off duty and without backup, she should call her department dispatcher with her badge number and have on-duty officers directed to the scene. With proper training and a mindset to save and protect lives, since she had time to take cover, she could have taken advantage of the opportunity to move away from the scene and place her self out of harms way. The need to stand her ground would have been temporarily eliminated. The department may also be complicit as having coached her as to how to describe and file a self serving police report, designed to absolve an officer of guilt by misdirecting the facts.

   We have to do better, and we should start now.

Click the link and take a look at the Stand Your Ground legalese down below.




is a pretty fair idea, if you want to hold on to a decent car for 6 to 12 months. But if you just want to get around and make some part time UBER money for a month, while your car is in the shop, or you have a new job that doesn’t start for two more weeks, A $550. non-refundable start up cost is non-reasonable, and barely fair.
I could go for it if that “Deposit” would cover me for maybe 12 months, should I decide to pick up another car in a couple of months after a short term initial use and return. But it doesn’t. If I want to roll for another couple of weeks – I have to re-initialize the startup with another $550. Maybe if I could reinitialize for an additional $100, I could hang or if the start-up cost was pro-rated to accommodate a shorter term. Then it would be fair.

Psychotic Paranoid Schizophrenia

Psychotic Paranoid Schizophrenia

A person who has a condition on the schizophrenia spectrum may experience delusions and what is commonly known as paranoia. These delusions may give rise to fears that others are plotting against the individual. People with paranoia often have an extensive network of paranoid thoughts and ideas. This can result in a disproportionate amount of time spent thinking up ways for the individual to protect themselves from their perceived persecutors. It can lead to problems in relationships and at work.

The Sky Is Falling

     We have arrived at the point where we can no longer accept the word of any one.  We distrust our enemies and political opposition. Now at least some of our allies have been cast as suspects. Trump however maintains a totally unbreakable grip on the minds of his disciples. We have never been so alone among friends.


Paul Ryan and Mitch McConell are both trying to man up against King Trump’s threat of tariffs:
Lies. The only thing they are responding to are threats of retaliation from Great Britain to impose reciprocal tariffs on Harley Davidson and Kentucky Bourbon. Now Ryan’s constitutions in Minnesota (Harley country) and voters loyal to McConnell (Bourbon country) are starting to grumble about job and revenue loses.
Just wait until the NRA and the state of Alabama start raising prices on their prize winning Remington AR-15 weapon. King Trump will back track faster than a rat facing down a spotted owl.
When man plans, GOD smiles.

If not collusion, perhaps coruption

Why does he always think that everything is about him?
Based on the recent rash of indictments against Russian entities, it appears that the Mueller investigation is focused squarely on criminal activity, as it relates to election fraud and interference. That was the stated goal and that goal made no mention of TRUMP. He is only tangentially involved, apparently as a willing pawn and beneficiary of Putin’s anti-American goals.
Mr. Trump continues to flail against the wind, “Fighting back” against his own imagination, claiming that there has been no collusion, when nobody has made that charge. He calls it a witch hunt and Mueller has taken to task nearly twenty witches thus far – including a couple of Americans, that are pleading out.
Unless Trump knows something that Mueller is yet to reveal, “this ain’t got nothing to do with you JT” (to steal a phrase from the 5 Heartbeats movie).

We need you to focus on stacking your administration and the courts with biased, wife-beating, unconfirmable snakes, until your name is called.


There are reports of intrigue, drama and politics on the campus of LaTijera K-8 Academy of Excellence. Since the installation of new Principal Rose there are complaints about the cohesiveness of the team.
One parent noted that their now twenty-one year old grand daughter recalls going through the lost and found with Ms. Miller, looking for her lost umbrella when she was a  4th grader at the old LaTijera campus. The past four years has reportedly presented a near fairy tale scenario on the new campus. We have seen youngsters move through the Pre-K experience into third and forth grades. There have been boys that played their hearts out on the home basketball court and move on the such prestigious High School Basketball Programs as Monteverde Preparatory school, in Florida and St. Bernard Catholic school, in nearby Los Angeles. Parents report having seen members of the teaching staff move along with their students from one grade to another, while others have retired along with office staff. At each step of the way, Ms. Subrena Miller has been a staple in the process.
Ms. Miller has been planted at the front gate greeting each arriving student and their parents, mostly by name. She has been on hand when parents come into the office looking for any type of information, coordination their patent hours, arrange meetings with staff and teachers.
One minute she was there for everyone and suddenly she was gone. No smile. No hugs. There was little in the way of liaison interdiction. Others tried to fill in, but their cadence was not the same, and the joy was gone. The parents broke up into little clicks, “for” or “against” some imaginary partisan persuasions.
Remember the grandparents that I mentioned earlier. These folks are the glue that holds the neighborhood together. They are longtime residents of the community that have raised their children in the ISD and are dutifully assisting their now adult children in the upbringing of the next generation of LaTijera Tigers. These are the folks that drop the kids off in the morning and sit in the PTA meetings. These are the folks that coordinate child pickups and office maneuvering. Now when they arrive in the office, there is often nobody sitting where Ms. Wise used to hold court. The volunteer situation has been redirected to the new Parent-Something-or-other office down at the far end of the campus. Parents have lost contact with Ms. Miller. She no longer has a telephone in her office, and most parents fear that their volunteer hours are not being properly audited because they do not have time go down to the Parent-Something-or-other office, to see the books, or in many cases they have physical impairments that make it difficult to walk all the way down there, only to find that the liaison is elsewhere.
There seem to be few answers. The factions have lined up in their opposing corners, staff and families alike. If you have something to add to this discussion that is not likely to go away, please join the discussion here at www.1man1vote.com 




The FIB Network

1man1vote can’t help but wonder if Russell Simmons will ever revive his DEF Comedy Jam show, now that he has relieved himself of duty from his company amid sexual harassment accusations. Because Limbaugh’s new comedy routine is ripe for laughs.

   On his December 12th show he presented his most laughable theory ever, when he suggested that Democrats have scripted the downfall of Weinstein, Spacey, Conyers, Frankel and everybody else – just to build a case against Trump for

his transgressions.

   Just weeks ago he was gloating that the democrats are totally inept and disorganized, and now he thinks they are so wickedly clever that they were able to start harrassing women twenty years ago, like Roy Moore, in order to develop a narrative that could be used against conservatives at a later date.

Come on man. #grasping@straws