The Sky Is Falling

     We have arrived at the point where we can no longer accept the word of any one.  We distrust our enemies and political opposition. Now at least some of our allies have been cast as suspects. Trump however maintains a totally unbreakable grip on the minds of his disciples. We have never been so alone among friends.


Paul Ryan and Mitch McConell are both trying to man up against King Trump’s threat of tariffs:
Lies. The only thing they are responding to are threats of retaliation from Great Britain to impose reciprocal tariffs on Harley Davidson and Kentucky Bourbon. Now Ryan’s constitutions in Minnesota (Harley country) and voters loyal to McConnell (Bourbon country) are starting to grumble about job and revenue loses.
Just wait until the NRA and the state of Alabama start raising prices on their prize winning Remington AR-15 weapon. King Trump will back track faster than a rat facing down a spotted owl.
When man plans, GOD smiles.