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1man1vote can’t help but wonder if Russell Simmons will ever revive his DEF Comedy Jam show, now that he has relieved himself of duty from his company amid sexual harassment accusations. Because Limbaugh’s new comedy routine is ripe for laughs.

   On his December 12th show he presented his most laughable theory ever, when he suggested that Democrats have scripted the downfall of Weinstein, Spacey, Conyers, Frankel and everybody else – just to build a case against Trump for

his transgressions.

   Just weeks ago he was gloating that the democrats are totally inept and disorganized, and now he thinks they are so wickedly clever that they were able to start harrassing women twenty years ago, like Roy Moore, in order to develop a narrative that could be used against conservatives at a later date.

Come on man. #grasping@straws

Thin Skull Rule

The eggshell skull rule (or thin skull rule or you take your victim as you find him rule of the common law) is a well-established legal doctrine used in some tort law systems, with a similar doctrine applicable to criminal law. It means that frailty of the injured person is not a defense in a tort case.

In other words. If you hit a hemophiliac in the nose and he bleeds to death. That’s murder.
If TRUMP asks Russia to produce Hillary’s e-mails and he’s not on the stage at the IMPROV, that shit ain’t a joke, Limbaugh. Maybe your audience is stupid but, your daddy was a lawyer. Don’t pretend like you didn’t know.

Poor Sean

December 5th 2017. Day two of the Hannity Show and still no mention of “The Tweet”, in which the POTUS admitted that as the nation’s top law enforcement officer, he was aware of Michael Flynn’s criminal activities – lying to the FBI, and did not report the crimes.

He has yet to come up with a lie that will cover the obvious obstruction of justice. Instead he is back, focusing on the Hillary Clinton email server.