How To Stop Mass Killings And Terrorism

Well, its happened again.
Another example of mass murder, opening up the jaw jacking about gun control. In a few days we will have our few more moments of silence and the church will say Amen. We can go back to talking about North Korea, the Russians, and the evil Colin Kaepernick.

We are unlikely to ever stop terrorism unless we kill them all. The same can be said about 2nd amendment fanatics. We will have to learn to live with them unless we can remove their incentive to bother us. In both cases the shooters are looking for acceptance, and a way out that in their narrow little minds will make them famous. Martyrdom is what the terrorists call it. Here in America, we like to call it suicide by cop, gang activity or mental disturbance. It all comes down to martyrdom. The damn fool wants to go out in a blaze of glory, and we oblige the damn fool, splashing his name and picture all over the 24 hour news cycle. The celebrity only serves to create the next damn foo, and incentivize his murderous rampage.

How can we remove the incentive?
Step 1. When we catch the damn fool, throw away their ID and never mention their damn fool name in the news, so there will be no fame, no glory.

Step 2. Let his family file missing person reports and worry about the damn fool for the rest of their miserable lives. They deserve to suffer at least as much as their relative’s victims. They should have raised him better.

Step 3. Wrap the body in bacon, if they are Muslim (they can’t get into heaven wrapped in pork). Sources say that Israelis hang packages of pork inside public transportation. Apparently martyrs can’t or won’t blow themselves up in the presence of the pork, because it will mix with their remains in the explosion and taint their chances to evolve to paradise. No virgins for this damn fool.

No incentive. We win.

Temporary Tax Cuts Are Coming

Here Comes The Flim Flam Man.
Coming for your votes any way he can.
 “Massive tax cuts”. “Responsible tax cuts”. “Read my lips, no new taxes…
We’ve heard them, had them, and read them time and time again. Each time the GOP manages to elect another chief executive, the main plank of his agenda is always the promise of generous tax cuts that will save the day.
We always get the cuts and once the fat cats use their cash to buy some personal watercrafts, and some new automation for their factories, the lay-offs come down and the tax rates go back up to recoup the loss revenue. They always claim to be in favor of tax cuts and against government assistance for non tax payers, but any non-biased accountant will tell you that a tax cut is government assistance for tax payers. Any honest assessment of every tax cut that we have seen since Ronald Reagan has been at best a temporary windfall that stimulates the economy just long enough to engage in prominent double talk during the next mid-term election. Then quietly a more sobering tone sweeps their consciousness and they are forced to ease the taxes back up, under the weight of the sinking ship. We all know it, but it works every time that it is tried and then it fails every time that it works.
George W. Bush at least came up with a novel idea. His administration devised an innovative variation on the same old theme. They promised tax cuts, and delivered them in the form of a $300. instant payout to every man woman and rent paying recipient of their voter bribery scheme. There were smiles galore. An instant tax cut, that seemingly returned your own money to you with no questions asked, no Form 1040, no schedule C, and with no accounting fees required. The check simply arrived in your mailbox for you to pleasure yourself and your family, while stimulating the economy. But who knew that the windfall was deep undercover, and while wearing it’s sheep’s clothing well, it turned out to be a drooling and snarling wolf that bit you on the ass the very next year. That’s when your accountant got the news that the $300 would have to be considered as part of last year’s INCOME, and declared as such on next year’s 1040.
Sucker. It was slight of hand like all others. The truth was on the table, but by the time the Flim Flam man finished moving it around under his shells – your tax cut evaporated and you would have to wait another 4 – maybe 8 years for the game to seem new again. That’s when it will be delivered by the new GOP shyster.
The Trump 3 ring circus has thrilled and entertained us all for the past 9 months, and now its time to get down to some serious pocket picking. Let the games begin.